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Melissa Yes [tu] Posted: Sun, Jul 12 2015 5:40 PM | Locked

Our volunteer moderating team is an essential part of our Ovusoft community. Moderators work with the Admin (me) to keep the site running smoothly. They do day to day housekeeping tasks such as moving misplaced threads, locking duplicate threads and starting/closing threads for some of our buddy groups. Moderators also weigh in when there is a rules violation (personal attacks, solicitation in posts, etc) but these decisions are not made individually.

The Moderators are members first and moderators second. This means - if you see a moderator posting in a thread, she is most likely posting (and reading) because the thread is of personal interest or relevance to her. Because our moderating team members have been part of our community for a long time, they may have more charting experience than other members, but are still drawing on their own experiences. While there are parts of our site that are mostly unmoderated (such as Buddy Groups), our Moderators may still post there as members with relevant experience or interest in the topic.

You can learn more about our Moderating Team here:

Ovusoft's Use Policy can be found here:

If you have any questions about Moderating (or anything else!) feel free to send me a convo or email me -

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