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RunnerJulia Posted: Mon, Mar 20 2017 7:12 AM

Thank you to the host, moderators, and all the lovely participants for your time, patience, and knowledge. 

Like many others, I've benefited from your resources and support over the (too many!! ;) ) years and I wanted to say:


THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!! Thank you for your support. There were days when it meant so much and kept me going with hope and laughter and virtual hugs. Thank you!!



All the best for the future,

Runner Julia.

Me: 43  DH: 49


"When life gives me lemons, I look for the vodka."

“Running is about finding your inner peace, and so is a life well lived.”
Dean Karnazes

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Peony replied on Mon, Mar 20 2017 8:33 AM

I can only echo your kind words, RJ! 

The knowledge we have gained here is invaluable!

I would love to know if there will be another place to which our dear mods will be contributing?

Me (33) Kiss DH (34) Baby Girl 29-08-2014

NTNP April - July 2016

TTC#2 from July 2016

Low AMH, high FSH, low AFC, lowish sperm count for DH 

IVF #1 Jan/2017: chemical PG Angel

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SoccerGirl replied on Mon, Mar 20 2017 9:10 AM

Yes, thank you so much to the moderators over the years, especially DJ and tmonee!! Flowers  I have learned so much over the years from you ladies and from everyone sharing their experiences.  I wish everyone success in whatever direction they are going! 

Me(Marie): 28 & DH: 27 married 7 years Heart  

Started charting 2010 after stopping HBC.  

Currently dealing with Hashimoto's, possible 'weak' ovulation, AI issues, but overall unexplained infertility/RPL

My charts:

DS Baby Boy born Sept 2013 (BFP after 18 months TTC on 3rd month Clomid 50mg CD5-9)

TTC#2 Sept 2014 Broken Heart5w Dec 2014 Broken Heart11w July 2015 Broken HeartBaby Boy 10w March 2016

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orangekitty replied on Mon, Mar 20 2017 11:59 AM

Yes! Everyone the other women have said! I am so incredibly grateful to the wonderful mods here for their time and knowledge over the past few years. From the bottom of my heart, a million thank-you's.

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39 y.o., NTNP since June 2014.

High FSH and tiny ovaries = premature ovarian insufficiency. Donor egg cycle overseas in January 2017: BFN. Looking into adoption, fostering and a second DE cycle and loving up our nieces, nephews and furbabies until all the pieces fall into place.

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drdonna replied on Mon, Mar 20 2017 12:03 PM

I will add my thanks, as well! Flowers

Me - 44 DH - 41

DS born via c-section (breech) 02/19/13 Baby Boy

TTC #2 since August 2014

BFP 11/21/15 Broken Heart 12/19/15

BFP 12/2/16 ending in chemical 

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MellieC replied on Mon, Mar 20 2017 12:18 PM

Yes, me too!!  You certainly made this into the supportive, well-informed group that we are today.  Thank you!!

Me (Mel): 33  DH: 36

Charting since 1/14, TTC #1 since 11/15!!  

6/16 - working with RE due to spotting throughout the LP

2/17 - stage I endometriosis dx and removed; also removed uterine polyp

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justtryingthisout replied on Mon, Mar 20 2017 12:38 PM

Yes, thank you!

DH: 34 Kiss Me: 30

History of endometriosis

TTC #1 since Aug. 2016

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laluna replied on Sat, Mar 25 2017 12:27 PM

Thank you from me as well!!

Me - 34, DH - 41

TTC #1 since May 2014

3 Clomid cycles - BFNs

Unexplained infertility

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