not too sure

not too sure
posted by Lovebear
Thu, Mar 24 2011

Well I got a BFN today but I am really surprised because I have symptoms...I couldn't bare to take my temp this morning on top of the BFN. Let's see if AF shows up...


fairymist12 wrote re: not too sure
on Thu, Mar 24 2011 11:22 AM

Blach AF!  ;)  I hope it doesn't show up for the both of us.  So frustrating when you have that nice temp rise and then the slow decent   It ain't over 'til AF shows up though.  GL!!

fitnhapai wrote re: not too sure
on Thu, Jul 28 2011 12:50 PM

Ugh, I feel the same exact way!  Your chart looks a lot like mine... I'm on 12 dpo today too and got a negative test this morning, and I swear I have symptoms as well... I'm going to give it a couple more days and see if AF shows.  Don't get too down on yourself, though... we're not out just yet!  =)

Hope Melinda wrote re: not too sure
on Tue, Jun 26 2012 8:01 AM

It sure can be isolating to have a relationship with a thermometer!  Don't get too bummed out, you aren't alone in the confusion of feeling symptoms and then looking at a chart that seems to say something else.  THat old saying of what will be will be is the truth.

FLORESBABY wrote re: not too sure
on Tue, Mar 12 2013 9:12 AM

Hope AF doesn't show, baby dust your way. I'm new here, but I'm starting to learn my way through the charting process and came across yours. Best of luck! Don't get discouraged, and test in a few days again I kept getting bfn with my first, even bfn on doctors blood work and it took an ultrasound to detect my little jelly bean really did exist. Some women's levels are just too low in the beginning. I'm kind of in a similar boat, I have symptoms (which can be either way) nausea, sore breasts, and mild cramping but AF has not shown her ugly head. I'm at 16dpo but I'm too scared to test, not sure if I'm supposed to wait till 18dpo lol