Ovusoft Message Board Leadership

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Ovusoft Message Board Leadership

The Moderator Team

If you are faced with an issue in the forums or need advice / guidance, your first step is to contact the Moderator team. To bring your concerns to our attention, simply click the Report Abuse  link (under the "More" button found in the upper right of each post). All reports are confidential and are not discussed outside of the Administrator/Moderator team.

Membership Manager
The Membership Manager can handle deletion requests, private forum access and name changes. Our membership manager is:

Moderators handle day to day forum tasks and member concerns. Your Moderators are:


Escalating Concerns

Concerns that require escalation beyond the Moderator team should be sent via Conversation to the Administrator team. Your concern will be addressed by a member of the Administrator team as outlined below.  You can initiate such a Conversation by selecting the "Start Conversation" link on the Forum Administrator Profile.


The Administrator is responsible for forum oversight, moderator management, RA resolution and disciplinary action. Your Administrator is Melissa.


Software Support and Log-in Issues

If you need software support or are unable to log-in, you can email us:


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